The ARTUM Foundation was established in 2016. The main goal of the foundation is to create an art museum in the rural area, where the presence of contemporary art in everyday life has been marginal. The Foundation undertakes translocal activities that can be understood in terms of generating relationships, knowledge and experiences. We aim to create an infrastructure of exchange – an inclusive platform for developing local, regional and transnational dialog. We are primarily concerned with the distribution of knowledge about contemporary art following the idea that art is the key to imagination and to the practice of critical thinking as expressed in one of Partum’s work: The Act of Thought Is An Act of Art.

The Foundation cooperates with local, regional and international partners including artists and institutions realising educational programs, festivals and exhibitions together. We plan to develop an inclusive program of artistic residencies, workshops and meetings addressed to both the local and international public. A special place in our program is given to developing a cultural offer for children and young people.