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Movement of Polish and Ukrainian women

Our society is becoming more diverse, but our parliaments are not. Women are still significantly underrepresented in german parliaments, especially at the municipal level. At the federal, state, and municipal levels, the proportion of immigrant MPs does not come close to matching their share of the population.

PolMotion – Movement of Polish and Ukrainian Women is a mentoring programme that specifically strengthens the political and social engagement of women who have a Polish and from this year also Ukrainian migration history and live in Berlin. The programme aims to awaken interest in involvement in political structures among women with a Polish and Ukrainian migration biography. To this end, synergies between politics and art are used to influence each other positively for the goal of a democratic society through artistic innovative techniques and real political possibilities.

Funded by: The Berlin Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs and the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation as for Microprojects: Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung,
Partners: ARTUM Foundation ewa partum museum