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The ARTUM Foundation explores many different formats of the collective production and dissemination of art and art knowledge as well as the building of local and transnational network such as:

exhibitions and publications
academic events
workshops and artistic events, also for local communities
a planned artist-in-residence program

The Foundation works with local, regional, and international partners, including artists and institutions, implementing artistic and educational programs in situ and in other locations. In addition to creating exhibitions and publications in collaboration with local and international organizations and founding the ewa partum museum The ARTUM Foundation is dedicated to promoting and supporting academic events such as conferences, seminars, and workshops with a focus on conceptual and feminist art and enabling and facilitating international and interdisciplinary research into the artistic work of Ewa Partum.

Key elements of ARTUM Foundation activities include also workshops and artistic events for local communities. We are primarily concerned with the distribution of knowledge about contemporary art following the idea that art is the key to imagination and to the practice of critical thinking. The development of a cultural offer for children and young people has a special place in our program.

In the context of a contemporary engagement with the work of Ewa Partum and/or the environment, we are planning to offer an artist-in-residence program to artists and scholars who want to develop their scientific or artistic research on the work of Ewa Partum or the region’s potential and its history. The tranquility of the location and at the same time its proximity to Zielona Gora and Berlin offer good conditions for working in a quiet environment and generating new relationships, knowledge and experiences. Our goal is to create an infrastructure of exchange – an inclusive platform for the development of local, regional and transnational dialogues.