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The ARTUM Foundation promotes the work of the Polish feminist conceptual artist Ewa Partum. Established in 2016 the Foundation’s work is to archive, contextualize and makes the artist’s oeuvre accessible to researchers and the public alike. It engages in contemporary discourse related to her work and initiates, together with the artist, exhibitions, publications as well as artistic and curatorial collaborations.

The Foundation’s program is concerned with Ewa Partum’s conceptual and feminist practices, and it addresses current social and political issues. We collaborate with emerging artists, curators and scholars and invite local and international audiences to engage with her work. We encourage new perspectives and innovative approaches.

The ARTUM Foundation follows in the tradition of the Galeria Adres, a private gallery founded by the artist in Lodz, Poland, which existed between 1972 and 1977. The Foundation encourages research on transnational, conceptual and feminist art in Central and Eastern Europe. Its goal is to shed light on the artistic practices and contributions of artists from this region.

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