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The ARTUM Foundation ewa partum museum is dedicated to promoting the unique work of the feminist and conceptual Polish artist Ewa Partum. Established in 2016 by the artist herself, her daughter Berenika Partum, and researcher Karolina Majewska-Güde, Ph.D., we archive, contextualize, and make Ewa Partum's work accessible to the public.

We are actively engage in contemporary discourses related to Ewa Partum's artistic work and initiate exhibitions, publications, as well as artistic and curatorial collaborations. Our program is based on Ewa Partum's emancipatory conceptual and feminist practices, addressing current social, ecological, and political themes.

In addition to collaborating with emerging artists, curators, and scholars we invite local, regional, and international audiences to engage with Ewa Partum's work, encouraging new perspectives and innovative approaches. The ARTUM Foundation ewa partum museum also follows the tradition of the conceptual Galeria Adres run by Ewa Partum from 1972-1977 in Lodz/Poland.

In line with this tradition, we are also dedicated to conducting and encouraging research on historical, transnational, conceptual, and feminist art in Central and Eastern Europe. This research aims to shed light on the artistic practices and contributions of artists from this region.

Studio Galeria

ewa partum. my gallery is an idea
March 8 – June 2, 2019


Movement of Polish and Ukrainian women


The ARTUM Foundation actively engages in contemporary discourses related to Ewa Partum’s artistic work and initiates exhibitions, publications, as well as artistic and curatorial collaborations. See the projects.




The museum will serve as a space for the preservation, exhibitions, and research of contemporary art, with a particular focus on the work of Ewa Partum. It will house an archive providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the artist´s contribution to the field of feminist conceptual art.


Recognizing the rural setting of the museum, we will also initiate exhibitions concerning the history of the region. In addition we want to enable a dialog on the relation between art, nature, and rural communities, and shape the space together with its inhabitants.





The ARTUM Foundation explores many different formats of the collective production and dissemination of art and art knowledge as well as the building of local and transnational network such as:


exhibitions and publications
academic events
workshops and artistic events, also for local communities
a planned artist-in-residence program


The Foundation works with local, regional, and international partners, including artists and institutions, implementing artistic and educational programs in situ and in other locations. In addition to creating exhibitions and publications in collaboration with local and international organizations and founding the ewa partum museum The ARTUM Foundation is dedicated to promoting and supporting academic events such as conferences, seminars, and workshops with a focus on conceptual and feminist art and enabling and facilitating international and interdisciplinary research into the artistic work of Ewa Partum.